Music from Monster Beach Studio


MONSTER BEACH STUDIO is the creative synthesis of owner, Eric Smith’s talents as an artist, composer, scorer and producer of ideal original music. You won’t find many composers who come equipped with a Marketing/Communications degree and extensive corporate work experience. We hope your search for musical savvy and skill ends here.

OUR GOAL: To provide the highest quality choice of unique music composition to reflect your business needs.  In the easiest and quickest way possible, we work with you to design a sound scape to attract your audience.  Whatever the concept, whatever the target market, we’ll pull it together with style, exactly how you want it.

BACKGROUND INCLUDES: Over 25 years of composing/recording for various national media outlets: Commercials, Corporate Video, Promotions, Events, Jingles, Video Games, Websites, National/International Radio & Media, Artists & Bands and Live Performances.

OUR UNIQUENESS:  1) Provides rapid and  modern musical penmanship (aka composition), 2) understands the corporate environment (20 years employed in corporate environment), and 3) extreme ease in business communications with our clients.

EDUCATION: A solid understanding of audience appeal is applied with the skill of a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Communications.

CLIENTS:, Qwest,, Sunclear Dental, Clutch Creative, Showstoppers USA, Intelligent Electronics, Cascade Multi Services and others.

Come see for yourself what makes us different at MONSTER BEACH STUDIO.

©2012 Monster Beach Studio, Eric J. Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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